Managed Services

Today, we are living in highly competitive world, where enterprises face intense pressure to stay agile and responsive to a volatile business environment and the key to growth is continuous transformation and innovation.

Enterprises face common IT infrastructure challenges that impact their business objectives daily. In the past, Organizations outsourced Infrastructure Management to gain cost advantages and also do away with the pains of managing their IT internally. Today, the reasons for outsourcing are changing. Outsourced Infrastructure Management is not just seen as a cost pedal but Organizations now view it is as a service that can drive productivity, efficiency and their growth strategy.

It is important for the CIOs to cuddle choice and enhance his vision to increasingly taking bigger and high impact projects to make a mark and enable growth. CIOs today are adopting several delivery models from managed services to cloud to make this mark. At Idea Pacific, our goal is to make IT infrastructure more manageable while aligning IT to business goals, improving IT services, and optimizing assets and resources, including IT staff time.


  • Strategic Manpower Outsourcing
  • Operating System & Software Support
  • Application Patch Support
  • Remote Monitoring Support
  • LAN and WAN installation, Troubleshooting and Support
  • Data Centre Management
  • Asset Management and optimization